tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

Work + GF

Recent activities in my life. I have started working at Umloud as a programmer on web projects. Further more I have met a girlfriend (Katrine) in my neighborhood that knows a lot about old amiga games. Both activities takes away precious time from GraphicDesignerToolbox, which I used to work on every day from morning until night. When I have a free time I read up in some of the books I purchased two weeks ago, all about programming.

I wish I could travel to breakpoint2010, but sadly I cannot find time.


yay, I'm in love !

tirsdag den 29. december 2009

Bazaar - Shared Repository

My first successful tests with a central shared repository accessed by 2 different clients.

$ pwd
$ bzr init-repo ./repo
Shared repository with trees (format: 2a)
shared repository: repo
$ bzr init ./repo/MyProject
Created a repository tree (format: 2a)
Using shared repository: /private/tmp/bzrtest4/repo/
$ bzr get ./repo/MyProject MyProject.dev
Branched 0 revision(s).
$ cd MyProject.dev
$ touch foo bar
$ bzr add foo bar
adding foo
adding bar
$ bzr commit -m Initial
Committing to: /private/tmp/bzrtest4/MyProject.dev/
added bar
added foo
Committed revision 1.
$ echo "test" >> foo
$ bzr commit -m Second
Committing to: /private/tmp/bzrtest4/MyProject.dev/
modified foo
Committed revision 2.
$ bzr push file:///private/tmp/bzrtest4/repo/MyProject
All changes applied successfully.
Pushed up to revision 2.
$ cd ..
$ pwd
$ bzr get ./repo/MyProject MyProject.dev2
Branched 2 revision(s).
$ cd MyProject.dev2
$ pwd
$ touch lena mandril
$ echo "hula bula" >> foo
$ bzr add *
adding lena
adding mandril
$ bzr commit -m "More stuff"
Committing to: /private/tmp/bzrtest4/MyProject.dev2/
modified foo
added lena
added mandril
Committed revision 3.
$ bzr push file:///private/tmp/bzrtest4/repo/MyProject
All changes applied successfully.
Pushed up to revision 3.
$ cd ..
$ cd MyProject.dev
$ pwd
$ bzr pull
Using saved parent location: /private/tmp/bzrtest4/repo/MyProject/
+N lena
+N mandril
M foo
All changes applied successfully.
Now on revision 3.

mandag den 16. november 2009

The MacGraPhoto Bundle

I'm pleased to announce that GraphicDesignerToolbox is participating in the MacGraPhoto bundle. This bundle started today 16 november, and runs until 30 november. It's a collection consisting only of graphics applications, so it spans very wide. I have yet to try out all the programs myself.
I was contacted by Kosta Rozen from Apparent Software a few months ago, if I was interested joining this exciting project. A really great initiative. The interest for MacGraPhoto seems to be massive.

Original price is $251. Bundle price is $39.99. It's an incredible amount of money you save.

onsdag den 12. august 2009

File Manager - My new project

I really need a good file manager. Since I haven't been able to find one, I have decided to code one myself. There are still a looong way to go before it can replace the Finder, but it's starting to take shape. On my A500 I had Direcory Opus and later on my 486DX2 66MHz I used Norton Commander, these two filemanagers was addictive because of their clever 2 panel layout and easy navigation.

This is how it looks like. And yes.. I need to find some better colors. So the first goal for this project is to put together an absolutely minimal version that is usable. No tabs, no FTP, no bookmarks, nothing. Reaching this point is getting much closer.

See all the screenshots here

Anybody here that have used Norton Commander?

søndag den 12. juli 2009

Exhausting Math Exercises

I have been busy coding new blocks every day for 1.5 month straight. Some of these new blocks have required lots of math and I'm exhausted. Today I finished coding one of the most difficult blocks so far, the Match block. It's not that the code is complex in any ways, it's just that it needed to be compatible with AppleShake, so I had to figure out what was going on by comparing color ramps.
I have 20 pages of splines and a lot of notes. It was time consuming to make sense out of it.

Soon I can announce next version of my program.

onsdag den 17. juni 2009

Now there are 95 blocks!

An hour ago I uploaded version 1.1.2 of GraphicDesignerToolbox. Having tried out Apple Shake for the first time a few days ago I got really inspired for writing some new blocks, so in this release there are 5 new blocks and the Mix block has be seriously extended with the same compositing modes as in Shake.

mandag den 8. juni 2009