mandag den 30. marts 2009

GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.0 has arrived!

Today I have just released GraphicDesignerToolbox version 1.0!

I began working on this project in late 2004 and now all the pieces has finally been put together. It has been a long journey into the unknown.

fredag den 27. marts 2009

Domain name transfer is completed

2 days ago, it finally got resolved. So now GraphicDesignerToolbox is up!

And the new icon is there too.

Remaining is some software update issues that I need to figure out.

Then a version 1 can be made ready.

tirsdag den 24. marts 2009

Now just waiting

The domain transfer is still going on.. everything else is there. Today was my first day where I have been incredible bored, because I can't do anything until the domain starts working. Had I known about the huge delay with domain transfers then I had never initiated one, it has taken me +2 months and it still doesn't work! I am so frustrated. Why oh why!!?!

Being dependent on something unknown that you have no clue how long time it take.. is a very very bad thing that I try to avoid by addressing the big time consuming tasks first. However I was under the impression that this task would max take 48 hours for the DNS to propagate the changes. However just not in my case and now I stuck!

The web hosting company that I switched to has really nice reviews and supports all the features that I need. Now I feel bad about picking them. Domain transfers must be a special case. The web hosting company where I switched from couldn't figure it out neither. So go looking for a third web hosting company probably won't make the situation any better.

Argh, so annoying! 

lørdag den 14. marts 2009

Today I finished writing the documentation for version 1

27 pages. Lots of images. 1500 words. The PDF file has a size of 9 MB! The iWork Pages file has a size of 34 MB!!! I began writing this document after new years eve, then abandoned it for a while and picked it up again 14 days ago. It has been proof-read by 4 of my friends. It doesn't even cover it all, it's just the basics. It's better than the old tutorials, but if it's really good I don't know.

The only thing I'm waiting for now is that the domain name transfer is completed. Then I can start making the release, everything else is nearly in place!

Storing the 33 MB big iWork Pages file in GIT is causing the repository to quickly grow big (it's 250 MB now, last week it was 100 MB). I will need to rethink my backup solution.

fredag den 6. marts 2009

Icon competition

I have done something crazy today, that I long have wanted to try out. There is a homepage where they have these design-competitions where you can win money if you submit the winner entry.

I have created my own competition for designing a new icon for my program, GraphicDesignerToolbox. You can win $400 USD.

I really look forward to see what comes out of this.

mandag den 2. marts 2009

Soon "What now?"

The list of things that needs to be done before version 1 can be released is getting shorter. There are now about 10 items remaining of reasonable size. It has been a looong ride so far that stared back in 2004 and has taking me on an exciting trip. Over the past couple of months I have had a fairly good idea about how the future would turn out, but when version 1 is done I don't know what will happen. My list of things to do is nearly empty!

This may be the biggest milestone ever in my life. I look forward to it.

Time is usually fairly predictable. Except when you start on or quite from a job, or go on a vacation to a new world. You expect something and it turns out to be much different. I havn't given much thought to what to expect. Usually there is a big anti climax after a release and some weeks later a few people picks it up. However this time so many conditions are different, so I hope it will turn out better. 

Will it change my life?