fredag den 20. februar 2009

Deformed stripes!

I experimented and came up with a really cool image. I find it so facinating and I need to share it with someone. Hope you like it!

søndag den 15. februar 2009

Valentines day

Big problems! It's my moms birthday. And one of my newer friends turns out to have his birthday the same day (27 years). Which party should one go to?  I chose my friends party and it was a great evening. He had made Frikadeller, my favorite dish.

But I can't help thinking about what to do next valintines day. 

onsdag den 4. februar 2009

I wish I had an iPhone

Two of my good friends are making programs for the iPhone and I'm so jealous on the stuff they are doing. zenbound - computer game where you have to tear a rope around misc objects. It just looks so awesome. Good luck with it scoopr.

mandag den 2. februar 2009

The Story So Far

It's a looong story and goes back 29 years where I was born. I don't remember the first years at all. I was soon joined by a younger sister and a brother that are much different than me. I quickly became obsessed with Lego bricks and this has significantly impacted my future paths in life. It really took off when I reached the age of 12 where I purchased my first computer for my own hard earned money. I began programming and the rest is history.

These days I'm experimenting with running my own company and is working on my biggest project ever, GraphicDesignerToolbox. It's a really exciting period of my life.