onsdag den 27. maj 2009

I'm 30

Yesterday it was my real birthday and we had a family dinner together and later a good friend (that missed the party) came by with his wife and newborn girl. The party was held 4 days ago and 14 friends attended.. most of them are into computers! It started out with massive rain and later the weather cleared up so we could be outside most of the time. 

For a long time I have been worried about how this birthday would turn out.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Happy Birthday! I just stumbled across your GraphicDesigner application and started playing with the demo mode today, and I'm very impressed! It is similar to "BatchIt!" (a funny name for an old LEGO-building-block graphics program written by Gryphon long ago). I never understood why that program never really caught on... it seems like such a cool idea. Your user interface is rather nicely done here. Oh, and am I too late, or am I one of the 1st 4 people to respond? :-) I look forward to testing this more, and will be sending links of this to my friends... hopefully get you some business!

  2. Thank you Eduard. I have send you a longer mail.